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...efer to their land as Gangs-ljongs or Kha-ba-can ("Land of Snows"), the climate is generally dry ... Tibet - Wikipédia ... . Most of Tibet receives only 18 inches (460 mm) of precipitation (both rain and snow) annually, with much of that falling during the summer months. The Himalayas act as a barrier to the monsoon (rain-bearing) winds from the south, and precipitation ... Tibet had been an autonomous protectorate of the Manchu Empire since 1720 when Qing forces defeated the Dzungars and restored Tibetan rule in Lhasa.Following the Xinhai Revolution in 1911-12, Tibetan militia launched a surprise attack on the Q ... Tibet - Wikipedie ... .Following the Xinhai Revolution in 1911-12, Tibetan militia launched a surprise attack on the Qing garrison stationed in Tibet after the Xinhai Lhasa turmoil.After the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1912, the Qing officials in Lhasa then were forced ... Tibet, called "Bod" by Tibetans, or 西藏 (Xīzàng) by the Chinese, is a plateau region in Central Asia and the indigenous home to the Tibetan people.With an average elevation of 16,000 feet, (4,900 meters) it is the highest region on earth and is commonly referred to as the "Roof of the World." Tibet Tourism: Tripadvisor has 26,857 reviews of Tibet Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Tibet resource. Tibet pleaded for assistance from the United Nations, the British, and the newly independent Indians for assistance to no avail. In 1959 a Tibetan uprising was squelched by the Chinese and the leader of the theocratic Tibetan government, the Dalai Lama, fled to Dharamsala, India and created a government-in-exile. Tibet has maintained a unique culture, written and spoken language, religion and political system for centuries. In 1913, the 13th Dalai Lama - Tibet's political and spiritual leader - issued a proclamation reaffirming Tibet's independence: "We are a small, religious, and independent nation." The ... Tibet, the Roof of the World, is a vast country - over two-thirds the size of India or more than two and half times the size of Austria, Denm...


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