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... won the bid, I broke a longstanding tradition ... Leonardo da Vinci - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... ... . I was supposed to change the name from Codex Hammer (the previous owner was the industrialist Armand Hammer) to Codex Gates, but I thought that sounded silly and I changed the name back to Codex Leicester ... Leonardo da Vinci. Annunciation (da Vinci) Codex ... Leonardo: Anatomy, C1510 Leonardo da Vinci. Giclee Print. 12 x 16 in other sizes. $45.99. $27.59. Add to Cart. The Last Supper Leonardo Da ... Leonardo Da Vinci In Art Prints for sale | eBay ... .59. Add to Cart. The Last Supper Leonardo Da Vinci. 18 x 12 in other sizes. $23.99. $14.39. Add to Cart. Detail of the Angel, from the Virgin of the Rocks Leonardo da Vinci. Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low) Fastest Shipping. Leonardo da Vinci. 12" x 18", Multiple Sizes. See More Like This. The Last Supper. Leonardo Da Vinci. See More Like This. Head of a Young Woman La Scapigliata (the Lady of the Disheveled Hair) Leonardo da Vinci. 12" x 16", Multiple Sizes. See More Like This. Leonardo Da Vinci. The Last Supper is Leonardo da Vinci's most famous work of religious art. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was one of the leading artists of the High Renaissance. Fifteen artworks are generally attributed either in whole or in large part to him. However, it is believed that he made many more, only for them to be lost over the years or remain ... Leonardo da Vinci was a true genius who graced this world with his presence from April 15, 1452 to May 2, 1519. He is among the most influential artists in history, having left a significant legacy not only in the realm of art but in science as well, each discipline informing his mastery of the other. Vinci, 1452-1464. Leonardo da Vinci had the good luck to be born out of wedlock. Otherwise, he would have been expected to become a notary, like the firstborn legitimate sons in his family stretching back at least five generations. His family roots can be traced to the early 1300s, when his great-great-great-grandfather, Michele, practiced as ... Leonardo da Vinci's only painting in the Americas can be found in D.C. — and it arrived here in a suitcase Leonardo da Vinci's "Ginevra de' Benci," on view at the National Gallery of ......


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